New Release - Stone Services Group Adds Stone App ERP System to Portfolio

Stone Services Group

Service Areas

Commercial Field Work

Training & Implementation

Training & Implementation

templating, placement

Templating & Install

- We specialize in templating & installs at large commercial projects

- Our 6 crews are highly trained in commercial work

-We will work anywhere in the U.S.

Material Sourcing

- We source quartz and other materials at factory pricing to you

- Cut-to -size Experts



We are experts in highly complex work

- Experts in Hotels, Time Shares & Apartments.

Training & Implementation

Training & Implementation

Training & Implementation

training and software implementation

Highly Experienced Trainers

-  Templating Best Practice systems

 - AlphaCam and other CAM

 - Router Utilization 

- Industry Software


Software Implementation

- Hot Sauce

- StoneApp

- Quote Countertop

Granite Gold Protection Plan

- SpeedDRAW

- SpeedLABEL

- AutoCAD

 - AlphaCAM

- Moraware/Job Tracker Customization

- SlabSmith

Growth & Marketing

Training & Implementation

Scheduling & Process Improvement

growth and marketing hot sauce


Social, Website & SEO

Online Quoting


- Implementation of Hot Sauce™

- Compensation Plans/Pricing

Sales Improvement 

- Compensation alignment

- Pricing benchmark/job profitability

Fabrication Brokering

- Matching local demand to supply

- Large Project Management

- Material Sourcing 

Scheduling & Process Improvement

Scheduling & Process Improvement

Scheduling & Process Improvement

scheduling  and process improvement


- Implement Best-in-Class

- Provide Scheduling Services

Utilizing proven process/resources

Technology focused interactions 

Process Improvement

Experts in end-to-end process

Workflow, technology, machine/manual

Financial Evaluation

Scheduling & Process Improvement

Financial Evaluation

exit strategy, private equity


- How do you compare against your peers

- Data on operations, wages, fabrication and machine usage

- Find key metrics to dashboard

Next Steps

- Succession Planning

- Mergers/Acquisitions

- Selling Strategies

- We are Private Equity Experts