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Stone Services Group
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About Us

Experience You Can Count On

We are a services firm born from experiences seen through a couple of different ways.  Our leadership team interacted with fabricators as service/product providers such as Laser Products and Precision Measuring & Training (PMT).  This exposure allowed us to interact with 1,000's of fabricators  and learn from their issues and listen to your solutions.     

As industry guys, we've participated and attended all of the industry shows, association events (NSI, ISFA,SFA, Rockheads), DSE's and other product workshops.  We listened for years and decided it was time to act.

Our full team ALL comes from the industry.  We have hand selected experts in templating,  programming/CNC utilization, scheduling, sales/customer support and the use and customization of industry leading software packages such as Moraware, LT, Slabsmith and AlphaCAM.  Through the years, our team has seen everything both good and bad and can help show the good.

Through our partnership with up and coming software firms, we are also implementation experts in SpeedDRAW, SpeedLABEL and Hot Sauce.  We can help you succeed in fully integrating these products into your workflow.

  We are founded and led by former Laser Products President Rich Katzmann. 

Rich Katzmann has spent the last 4 years positioning Laser Products for continued success in the digital templating segment of our industry.  In doing this, Rich regularly visited shops, worked with other industry leaders and participated in association events.  Rich sits on the Board of Directors of MSI's Foundation, an organization created to give back to the industry and has been very active in Women in Stone having mentored 2 superstars over the last couple of years.  Prior to jumping fully into the countertop industry, Rich ran a plumbing parts company and was a management consultant helping companies deal with similar issue as the stone industry, high growth, low employment rates and a changing industry.  Rich enjoys spending time with his 8 year old daughter, skiing, tennis and hoping the Bears can find a quarterback.    

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We focus on.......

  • Commercial Sourcing & Installations
  • Software Implementation
  • Placement & Temp Work
  • Growth & Marketing
  • Scheduling & Process Improvement
  • Financial Evaluation